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This page lists the publications featuring or written by Mike. The books currently in print are:

Painting Made Easy (Arcturus 2014)

 How to Paint Like Turner (Tate Publishing 2010)

The Challenge of Watercolour DVD

Mike Chaplin's Expressive Watercolours (HarperCollins 2001)

DiscoverArt (Arcturus Publishing 2005)

Michael Chaplin (published exclusively in China)

On-Line Video Publications

Mike Chaplin's Watercolour - Line

Mike Chaplin's Watercolour - Tone

Mike Chaplin's Watercolour - Colour

Painting Made Easy

Paint Like Turner

Starting from the premise that we all want to make marks to record the world around us, this book aims to give basic guidelines that will help anyone to express themselves through different media but especially watercolours, oils and pastels. Professional artist Mike Chaplin demonstrates that anyone can draw and paint if they are taught the necessary techniques in a simple and structured way.Essential skills and techniques taught in an accessible way.,Structured approach, beginning with basic markmaking and how to make the transition from drawing to simple watercolours.,Stand-alone sections on watercolours, oils and pastels incorporating guidance in the processes that are fundamental to each medium.,Projects to inspire and encourage.

Published: August 2015

Publisher: Arcturus ISBN: 1784042048

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How to Paint Like Turner

Paint Like Turner

J.M.W. Turner was one of the greatest artists Britain has ever produced. His watercolours, with their extraordinary effects of shifting light and dramatic cloudscapes, are especially highly regarded. For the first time, this book reveals the secrets of his technique, allowing present-day watercolourists to try them out themselves. There is an accessible introduction that explores Turner's life and career and the materials he used to achieve the masterpieces we know and love today. The book then goes on to list the modern materials the twenty-first century watercolourist will need if they aspire to take on similar subject matter. Successive chapters look at a particular theme, such as Sky, Water, Trees, Buildings, People, Animals, Sunrise, Moonlight and Fire, illustrating each with one of Turner's works. Expert contemporary watercolour artists then explain, step by step, how to paint a version of that particular picture and how to use the techniques learnt to paint other compositions. With a glossary of technical terms, high quality colour reproductions and backed by the authority of Tate, the world centre for Turner scholarship, this is a must-buy purchase for all lovers of JMW Turner and of watercolour painting.

Mike will be featuring this book duiring the Cheltenham Festival 10 October 2011, on behalf of Tate Britain.

Published: April 2010

Publisher: Tate Publishing ISBN: 185437883X

Price £14.99 RRP

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The Challenge of Watercolour DVD

DVD Cover

Join Mike in this inspirational DVD as he paints in the idyllic Suffolk seaside town of Southwold and shows you how to get the most out of your painting. The DVD is crammed full of the very best in watercolour tuition.

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Mike Chaplin's Expressive Watercolours

Mike Chaplin's Expressive Watercolours

This beautifully illustrated book is Mike's first, and is intended for artists with some painting experience who wish to develop their technique, style and outlook. Featuring a wide range of subjects, from the natural landscape to urban scenes, as well as practical advice, useful tips, special features and step-by-step demonstrations, it offers a unique combination of instruction, inspiration and an insight into Mike's work Available from all good bookshops now!

Written by: Mike Chaplin (with Diana Vowles)

Published: October 2001

Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 000 712118 0

Price: £16.99 RRP

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Mike Chaplin has recently published his new book - The Complete Book of Drawing and Painting. The book gives help and inspiration to those considering taking up painting, but are unsure how to go about it. Informative sections cover basics of drawing, pastels, watercolour & oil painting and; there are plety of illustrations and tips.

The decision to learn to draw and paint invariably throws up a lot of questions for the beginner. ‘What medium should I try? What materials will I need? How do I make the first marks on a blank sheet of paper?’ The most important question of all, of course, is ‘Do I have any artistic talent?’

In this book Mike Chaplin answers all those questions and more, ranging from basic markmaking with drawing tools, watercolours, pastels and oils to tackling complicated subjects such as perspective in an easily comprehensible way. Which media you eventually decide you want to use the most will depend on your own temperament and your preferred style of working, but all have something special to bring to a subject and your art will greatly benefit from trying them all.

Meanwhile, Mike’s accessible style of teaching will demonstrate to you that you can indeed draw and paint through learning the necessary techniques in a simple and structured way.

Mike Chaplin was a popular expert on Channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge series and a founder of the Winsor & Newton Turner Watercolour Award in 2003, of which he is now on the judging panel. A member of the prestigious Royal Watercolour Society, he combines a notable career in art with communicating his knowledge and enthusiasm to artists in workshops in the UK and internationally.


ISBN: 1-84193-269-8

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Michael Chaplin

Two Thousand and One saw the publication of this book of Mike's pictures by the Shandong Fine Art Publishing House in China, as part of the Contemporary British Water-colour Artists series. The book contains full colour plates of 22 of Mike's favourite paintings, and some perceptive writing by him of his formative years as an artist. Although not published in Britain, we give you the ISBN number below.

Written by: Mike Chaplin

Published: February 2001

Publisher: Shandong Fine Art Publishing House

ISBN: 7-5330-1472-3